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Soul Focus Studio is the house under which Lucas Konrad Messerer artistic endeavours flourish and this website is the door to his creative vision. As the name suggests, Lucas is single-pointedly focussed on the subject, and his approach results in exciting and dynamic artwork capturing the essence of the people and places he shoots.

Lucas Messerer is one of Australia's and now Minnesota's leading fetish photographers. His work is a collection of photographs of personalities in the fetish scene. His style is often minimal, but always bold, with confident use of colour and strong contrast in lighting. Through his work, Lucas seeks to gain access to the private space of his subjects, all of whom are active in their exploration of this lifestyle.

Born in 1972 to Joe and Ute Messerer, Lucas was the youngest of three children. His parents have been a huge influence on his life, encouraging Lucas from a very early age to pursue all forms of creativity and artistic expression. His father had a dark room which inspired Lucas’s love of photography.
Lucas would spend time in the darkroom with his father learning about photography as well as watching him bring the stories of his family’s life into tangible memory. His mother, a hair dresser and self taught seamstress, taught him about clothing and style which would end up influencing his eye for fashion within the realm of fetish couture.
In 1995 Lucas bought his first 35mm film SL/R camera. His forays into photography were self portraiture in his ever growing wardrobe of fetish wear. From then onwards Lucas’s skills distilled to lending him the confidence to start taking portraits of others.
In 2003, he expanded into digital photography, affording his work greater scope. Two years later Lucas purchased his first digital SL/R camera and professional lighting setups.
A decade later, Lucas' work appears in the most respected publications, both locally and internationally, and adorns the walls of many descerning art collectors. Fetish themes are still the primary photographic passion of Lucas' but he also enjoys capturing scenic images to contribute to his most recent project - The Tin Machine.

Lucas's newest venture is his designs for apparel which he has titled DEADBILLIONCLOTHING.

In these designs you will see his ever growing photography portfolio used in colorful and dramatic images.

Click here to be taken to DEADBILLION CLOTHING's Etsy store.!